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Toast Moulder

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It is ideal for molding rolls, buns, toasts, baguettes, loaves, etc.

The dough Moulder use for molding and discharging air from raw materials to obtain quality end prod-ucts.

It has simple operation by switching on-off push bottom, as well as easily catching the dough with mobile steel tray both meet user-friendly demands for all clients.

The roller system equipped in the dough moudler can adjust depend on the size and hardness of dough and can make the dough structure more solid. In addition, the roller spacing and conveyor belt can be well adjusted by hand wheel.

 Model  AS-CG-38
 Voltage(V)  220V/50HZ/1PH
 Power(kW)  0.75
 Specification(mm)  380
 N.W.(kg)  190
 Dimension(mm)  1457x665x109 


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